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EU-wide digital wallet: European Parliament proposes plans

Stay informed on the latest developments in the EU's digital landscape. The European Parliament presents plans for a countrywide digital wallet with new reporting obligations. Access ViDA proposals in your preferred language. Read about the partnership between DHL and Cainiao in Poland and the FMF's implementation of platform tax transparency laws. by

The EU Committee on Industry, Research, and Energy adopted its positions on the proposed update of the European framework for the European Digital Identity (eID) with 55 votes in favour, eight against and two abstentions.

The new eID would allow citizens to identify and authenticate themselves online without commercial providers with high data security. MEPs propose using the digital wallet to verify electronic documents and peer-to-peer interactions. Measures are also to be introduced to strengthen data protection and cybersecurity, and their use is voluntary.

The EU’s new country-by-country reporting obligations at a glance

The European Union has introduced new rules requiring large multinational companies to publicly report their profits and taxes in every EU country where they operate. This applies to EU resident and non-resident companies with a turnover of more than €750 million, even if they operate through subsidiaries or branches. The rules will come into force 12 months after their inclusion in national legislation by June 2023.

TPA Global has compiled a compact and recommended overview on this topic, which goes into more detail on what needs to be included in publications, when and how it needs to be implemented by companies and what penalties, amendments, and audits must be considered.

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ViDA proposals now available in all languages

The EU Commission’s proposals on “VAT in the Digital Age – ViDA” – have been available in all EU languages since 6 February 2023. The consultation period for these proposals has also been extended until at least 1 April 2023 so that everyone has enough time to provide feedback.

DHL and Cainiao cooperate in Poland

DHL eCommerce Solutions, an e-commerce logistics specialist of Deutsche Post DHL Group, and Cainiao Network, a global smart logistics provider and logistics arm of Alibaba Group, have signed an agreement to improve the quality and speed of out-of-home deliveries in Poland.

The two companies have decided to merge their Packstation networks and invest 60 million euros in the first phase after the transaction to set up modern Packstations with user-friendly interfaces at central access points.

Largest OOH delivery network planned in Poland

This partnership aims to develop one of the largest out-of-home (OOH) delivery networks in Poland, seamlessly covering both the first and last mile and complementing DHL’s already extensive European network with over 90,000 access points. By merging the DHL and Cainiao Packstation networks, consumers will have instant and seamless access to both companies’ offerings.

BMF helps implement the Platform Tax Transparency Act

On 02/02/2023, the Federal Ministry of Finance issued a comprehensive letter on the Platform Tax Transparency Act (PStTG) application, which answers practical questions and assists with proper implementation.

The 16-page document addresses various practical issues and answers questions on reporting obligations for platform operators, remuneration, registration, and due diligence obligations. It also clarifies that platform operators established in EU Member States must register with the Federal Central Tax Office. The official data set, and the designated interface, will be announced in 2023.

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