Check the VAT number of your EU trading partners

Without integration effort, automated and audit-proof. Can be used for each of your B2B trade transactions

Use Case

Audit-proof and platform-independent

With the CheckVAT ID web application, you can check individual and multiple VAT identification numbers (VAT ID No.) simultaneously and document the results in an audit-proof manner.

The data required for this is obtained from the respective tax office and the European Commission’s VAT Information Exchange System (VIES). The CheckVAT ID web application is managed via an online portal and works independently of platforms and ERP systems.

Features and benefits

Batch upload, master data check, reporting

  • Simple or qualified check of the VAT registration number (comparison of name and address of the trading partner)
  • Single and multiple searches as well as batch search for extensive queries via CSV data upload
  • Enables EU-wide checks, requested by suppliers from Germany, Austria and all other EU member states
  • Reporting (retention of records for ten years and provision of data for documentation needs)
  • Platform and ERP-independent web application (integration not required)
  • Intuitive browser-based user interface for users
  • Direct availability, immediate optimisation of current processes and an associated increase in efficiency
  • Demand-oriented billing model

Requirements for checking the VAT registration number

Since 1 January 2020, the provision of the valid VAT identification number (VAT ID number) of the recipient of a supply as part of a complete recapitulative statement is an explicit requirement for the tax exemption of intra-Community supplies (regulated in the Quick Fixes to the EU VAT reform).

The supplier must ensure that the VAT registration number of the customer is valid at the time of delivery (§ 6a para. 1 no. 4 UStG). In case of non-compliance, the tax exemption does not apply.

Lena Schopp, Claudia MeierTeam Dispatching

Using CheckVAT ID, we can quickly check the VAT ID of our European clients and with little effort. The ability to check entire files is a real labour-saver!

AHP Merkle has been developing, designing and manufacturing high-quality hydraulic cylinders in demand worldwide since 1973. In addition to its headquarters in Gottenheim, the family-run company has sales offices in Guissano (Italy), Marinha Grande (Portugal), and in Hong Kong, Shenzen and Suzhou (China). AHP Merkle uses CheckVAT ID to process its trade transactions with European customers.


Independent of platform and ERP

Ready to go immediately

CheckVAT ID works as a browser-based web application that you can use immediately, regardless of the system landscape you have in place.

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