For all 27 European Member States, Switzerland, Norway and Great Britain

Automate the filing of your advance VAT returns, annual returns and EC Sales List

VAT compliance at the click of a mouse

FileVAT aggregates your VAT-relevant data from different sources and systems (e.g., online store, ERP, or accounting), then prepares it and finally transmits the data to the tax authorities in your reporting countries.

Accurate data preparation

Receive ready-to-report declarations

FileVAT processes your data until it is ready to report and checks for plausibility. The result is available to you or your tax advisor as a draft for review and verification in our user portal.

FileVAT informs you about the status of your filings and reminds you of filing deadlines.

FileVAT portal intro 1
Secure transfer of VAT declarations

Report to 30 tax authorities with one interface

With a mouse click, FileVAT transmits your reports to the competent authorities at home and abroad. The respective national languages and required formats are automatically considered.

In the eClear user portal, you manage data deliveries and reports. Here you control the release and transfer to the national authorities.

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Your advantages

What you get with FileVAT


Intuitive user portal

  • Manage, approve and submit your reports using eClear’s intuitive user portal with an alert function (e.g., via email/SMS)

Connected with tax authorities

  • Direct connection to the responsible tax authorities of your reporting countries via interfaces

Compliant with country-specific requirements

  • Automated transfer into country-specific formats or forms

Transmit reports by mouse click

  • Transmission of the reports at the click of a mouse by you or your tax adviser

Unlimited number of VAT IDs

  • Declarations for an unlimited number of VAT IDs per country



Data release control

  • Quality assurance through plausibility check and subsequent provision of your prepared data to you or your tax advisor for release

Strengthening your tax compliance

  • Consolidation and processing of all relevant data from all sources/previous systems via an interface

Process optimisation

  • Time and costs savings through automated preparation of your country-specific returns; avoiding translation and transmission errors

You can combine FileVAT with other eClear products

  • For efficient processes to ensure your VAT compliance (e.g. VATRules)

Financial Dashboard SPOT is included!

  • FileVAT includes the use of SPOT free of charge for the duration of your contract



Included with FileVAT

SPOT® The revenue manager

FileVAT includes access to SPOT®, eClear’s omnichannel-financial dashboard, free of charge for the duration of your contract.

SPOT aggregates your revenue, sales, and tax data into one easy-to-use dashboard.

With its transaction control, SPOT® checks the VAT rates of your invoices and reports errors.

SPOT Screen

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