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eClear provides certified on-demand VAT/Customs Content and End-to-End Tax Filing for Corporate Tax Departments and offers embedded Full Service Tax Clearing to Marketplaces, Digital Platforms and their Sellers.

What we do

Certified real-time tax determination and calculation
E2E automated VAT filing and reporting

Compliance Monitoring on cross-border trade, customs & VAT
We provide permanent transaction control and complex compliance automation on cross-border trade, customs and taxes.
Fully automated VAT clearing within the EU-27
We provide automation of VAT payment services in all EU member states as deemed supplier, authorised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).
Cross-border customs clearing to the UK, CH & NO
We provide a border-free shipping experience as merchant of record to scale into Europe’s most powerful markets.


Certified real-time tax determination and calculation

Precisely classify your entire product portfolio in the specific logic of each country of delivery. Available for all 27 European Member States, Great Britain, Nothern Ireland and Switzerland.


End-to-End automated VAT filing and reporting

Automate the filing of your advance VAT returns, annual returns and EC Sales List. Available for all 27 European Member States, Switzerland, Norway and Great Britain.


End-to-End automated VAT filing and reporting

Automate the filing of your advance VAT returns, annual returns and EC Sales List. Available for all 27 European Member States, Switzerland, Norway and Britain.


Complete Compliance Control

Real-time transaction monitoring

SPOT® is an omnichannel merchant transaction dashboard providing financial control on e-commerce sales with a strong focus on real time alerts on cross-border tax, customs and compliance issues.

SPOT® for marketplaces

  • Supporting sellers managing their businesses
  • Enhancing merchant’s loyalty
  • White-label solution available

SPOT® for merchants

  • Real-time compliance alerts with AVATAR
  • Orders, transactions and payments in one dashboard
  • Omnichannel monitoring of all marketplaces


0% VAT: Tax-free sales into all EU-27

Our ClearVAT® solution checkout integration provides a border-free sales experience for all your marketplace merchants on Intra-EU orders.

ClearVAT® for marketplaces

  • Scaling EU Sales
  • Full landed cost calculation
  • Waiver on your marketplace liability

ClearVAT® for merchants

  • It’s free!
  • VAT-registration-free
  • Liability-free on VAT


Border-free Commerce: Seamless shipping to Great Britain, Switzerland and Norway

Our ClearCustoms® solution provides a border-free shipping experience for your marketplace merchants on orders into Europe’s most lucrative markets: Great Britain, Switzerland and Norway.

ClearCustoms® for marketplaces

  • Seamless fast-lane customs
  • Full landed cost calculation integrated
  • Fits all carriers and fulfilment providers

ClearCustoms® for merchants

  • Declaration-free
  • The end of “doorstep payments”
  • Full landed cost transparency reducing return rates
Customer stories
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Jan GrieselFounder, Chairman of the Board, CEO

“With eClear, we have gained a strategic partner who can offer customers a unique solution for compliant taxation in cross-border e-ecommerce.”

plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system. It combines merchandise management with a shop system and omnichannel sales, including a POS system. With the online-based software, the entire online and offline trade can be fully automated. ClearVAT is core-integrated into plentymarkets and available to more than 8,000 retailers.

Plugin to Europe

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