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Border-free e-commerce between all EU Member States.

Full-Service VAT Clearing

Border-free e-commerce with ClearVAT

Rapid expansion into European markets, portfolio expansion, scaling, efficiency gains, the outsourcing of VAT risks and declaration obligations … With ClearVAT, your sales of goods to B2C consumers are VAT-free in all EU-27.

Use Case

Automated payment of VAT

With ClearVAT, you always display the prices in your online shop, including the current country-specific VAT. For example, for a French retailer, this means 19% in Germany, 23% in Poland or 22% in Italy.

Even if the delivery address changes during the check-out process, ClearVAT updates and calculates the final cost taking into account the country to which the goods are delivered.

ClearVAT collects the purchase price from the consumer. The retailer ships the products to its customers. ClearVAT deducts VAT directly to the destination countries’ authorities, pays the principal amount to the merchant, and retains a transaction fee of 1.25% to 4.75%.

How ClearVAT works

0% VAT

In cross-border B2C goods traffic, the destination principle applies: merchants must calculate VAT according to the regulations applicable in the recipient’s respective country and report and pay it to the tax authorities there.

With ClearVAT, eClear takes over these obligations. The cross-border sale of B2C goods within the EU is completely VAT-free for merchants.

ClearVAT Advantage #1

EUR 0.00 Claim of the tax authorities abroad

With ClearVAT, B2C trade in goods becomes a B2B transaction, i.e. an intra-Community supply. For merchants, this means EUR 0.00 liabilities to foreign tax authorities for cross-border trade transactions.

ClearVAT Advantage #2

Registrations? You can save yourself the trouble!

Twenty-seven member states, 22 languages, a wide range of applicable regulations and varying requirements. With ClearVAT, your B2C trade in goods remains registration-free because eClear takes over all your VAT obligations abroad.

ClearVAT Advantage #3

0% Liability risk abroad

Do you know the scope and procedure of a VAT audit in Poland, Italy, or France? You don’t have to deal with these issues because ClearVAT also frees you from a tax audit risk abroad.

ClearVAT Advantage #4

Order and incoming payment clearly assigned

The reconciliation of orders and incoming payments is associated with a high administrative effort for many merchants. ClearVAT allocates orders and incoming payments of your cross-border trades of goods and makes them available to you in a file.

ClearVAT Advantage #5

Waiting periods for tax refunds for returns are eliminated

Tax refunds by the European tax authorities for returns of cross-border deliveries of goods have been associated with enormous waiting times for merchants. ClearVAT frees merchants from this hassle and the risk of not being reimbursed.

ClearVAT Advantage #6

0% VAT. 0% effort.

A bank account in the destination countries of your goods shipments, the transmission of VAT-relevant data in SAF-T format, real-time reporting, compliance with Intrastat deadlines … The list of requirements for legally compliant cross-border sales of goods is endless. With ClearVAT, you hand over all of these requirements to eClear.

ClearVAT Advantage #7

Independence from the EU OSS

With the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) by the EU since 1 July 2021, merchant’s main risks will remain the liability risk abroad, the obligations to report and pay VAT in principle or even the delay in tax refunds in the case of returns. ClearVAT, on the other hand, takes over all your VAT obligations in the context of your EU-wide trade in goods.

ClearVAT Advantage #8

Relief for tax advisors

The use of the EU’s One-Stop-Shop (OSS) since 1 July 2021 means a massive increase in tax advisors’ liability concerning clients selling goods across the EU. Very few are prepared for this. ClearVAT fully complies with the VAT requirements in an audit-proof manner.

fineartmultiple, Vanessa Moos
Vanessa MoosManaging Director

Over 90% of our transactions are cross-border. – It couldn’t be easier.

fineartmultiple™ is Europe’s largest marketplace for contemporary art. More than 100 world-renowned galleries sell artworks through fineartmultiple, 90% of which are cross-border. For online trading across Europe, fineartmultiple relies on ClearVAT.

“For all transactions, VAT must be correctly paid in the country of destination. The registration of a tax number and the tax declaration abroad – a great effort that many gallery owners shy away from. With eClear, we have found a partner for this urgent problem.”

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eClear Experts

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Supervisory authority

eClear AG is authorised to provide payment services and is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Auditing standard 880

eClear’s processes are certified by BDO Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft under auditing standard 880 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany.

SAP software certification

eClear runs SAP S/4HANA to provide and apply its services. The software is audited and certified by SAP on an annual basis.

Review of tax content

Deloitte continuously ensures the correctness of the applied tax rates, exemptions, reductions and exceptions for all EU member states.


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