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Whether it’s our database that provides valid VAT rates at your shop’s point of sale for European countries or our full-service clearing that takes over your cross-border VAT obligations; eClear’s software services integrate natively with existing SAP business processes.

European E-Commerce

Accelerate your cross-border B2C and B2C business

When selling products in European countries, businesses are legally obliged to collect the Value Added Tax (VAT) from the consumer (B2C) according to the country of delivery (Destination Principle). The variation of VAT rates combined with multiple regional exceptions and temporary adjustments within the EU causes significant challenges to implementing the requirements.

With eClear’s automation solutions, merchants overcome the complexity of transactional taxes in Europe and accelerate their cross-border B2C and D2C business.

eClear 1.0

Much more than a VAT database

Classify your entire product range in the specific VAT logic of each EU member state.
Certified, system-integrated and always up-to-date.

Connect to eClear’s certified tax content

Every standard rate, every reduction, every exception

eClear 1.0 connects you to our VATRules database. It integrates into the SAP pricing determination with direct access out of the SAP SD module (Sales & Distribution).

eClear’s database provides valid VAT rates at point of offer and order creation in SAP.

Is the sale of goods taxable or tax-free? Which tax rate is applicable? — Regular, reduced or super-reduced? Which exemptions and re-exemptions are in effect?

eClear 1.0 applies this tax content for Europe in your ERP. Article-specific and always up-to-date.

Certified automated updates of all tax rates

Tax determination and calculation

The Features of eClear 1.0

  • More than 1.2 million tax codes and over 300,000 exceptions for all EU-27 plus Northern Ireland
  • On-demand database, tax rates continuously updated
  • Certified data quality
  • High-performance REST API, certified response under 100 ms
  • Native integration into existing SAP business processes
  • Plugin available for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Customer Experience (Hybris)

Technical Details

… and Its Benefits

  • Tax compliant application of the current VAT rates for the EU-27 plus Northern Ireland
  • Competitive advantages through country-specific price calculations, considering currently applicable local VAT regulations
  • Process optimization and time savings through automation in a one-time grouping process (fast go-to-market)
  • Increase in customer satisfaction through the correct application of local VAT rates
eClear ID

The new European standard

eClear extends the 10-digit European TARIC code by four additional digits.

All exceptions, reductions, VAT, and customs regulations applicable in the EU are coded here. This level of accuracy is required to provide correct tax rate information for error-free tax declarations.

With eClearID, products and VAT rates are clearly assigned and matched to each other. A one-time effort that ensures an accurate mapping of VAT rates along with product and regional EU tax rates: Once assigned – always up to date!

eClear Tax Code
ClearVAT Services 1.2

0% VAT. 100% Europe.

Rapid expansion into European markets, portfolio expansion, scaling, efficiency gains, the outsourcing of VAT risks and declaration obligations … With ClearVAT Services 1.2, your sales of goods to B2C consumers are VAT-free.

VAT 0% – How ClearVAT works

Cross-border e-commerce with ClearVAT Services 1.2

The country of destination principle applies to cross-border B2C sales of goods. Merchants are required to calculate and report VAT according to the regulations applicable in the respective country of the recipient and pay the amount due to the tax authorities there.

With ClearVAT Services 1.2, eClear manages all these obligations. For merchants, cross-border B2C sales within the EU are completely VAT-free.

0% VAT

VAT-free sales throughout the EU

The Features of ClearVAT 1.2

  • Correct tax rates from all EU-27 for all products (eClear 1.0 included)
  • Tax rates are assigned to products
  • The tax rates for each country are correctly displayed in the checkout
  • Native integration into existing SAP business processes
  • Plugin available for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Customer Commerce (Hybris)

Technical Details

… and its Benefits

  • Registration-free: No registration required in EU countries
  • Tax-free: Outgoing invoices will always show 0% VAT throughout Europe
  • Liability-free: EUR 0.00 foreign tax debt in your bookkeeping
  • Audit-free: ClearVAT frees you from tax audits abroad

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Full-service solution

Refunds without waiting, liability- and audit-free

ClearVAT Services 1.2 eliminates waiting periods for tax refunds: Tax refunds by the European tax authorities have been associated with enormous waiting times for merchants. eClear frees merchants from this hassle and the risk of not being reimbursed.

No liability, no audit: We assume liability for VAT from cross-border B2C transactions in Europe. No need to communicate with foreign tax authorities. No more risk of a foreign tax audit.

ClearVAT 0% VAT
Plugin for SAP

Benefits of Integration

Multi Hybris Commerce Suite

eClear TAX API support Hybris Versions 6.6, 6.8, 1808, 1811, 1905 & 2011

Multi Web Shops

One merchant can host multiple shops and calculate VAT for destination countries.

Stand Alone Solution

Ship to end customer location from various merchant warehouses. Dynamical tax rate calculation based on the From-To basis.

Payment Methods

Fully integrated with Payment Service Providers with SAP Customer Experience backend.  Supports Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, and Payment in Advance (PIA).

Multi-Lingual Support

API is available in most of European languages.

Easy Deployment

The plugin installation into the merchant’s SAP Customer Experience platform is based on the standard SAP installation process.

eClear AG

Certified expertise

eClear Experts

Andreas Weidner | Customs Expert
Vice President Customs Compliance

Julia Gavriushina
Team Lead Data Science

Lea-Luisa Weichselbaum
VAT Consultant

Supervisory authority

eClear AG is authorised to provide payment services and is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Auditing standard 880

eClear’s processes are certified by BDO Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft under auditing standard 880 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany.

SAP software certification

eClear runs SAP S/4HANA to provide and apply its services. The software is audited and certified by SAP on an annual basis.

Review of tax content

Deloitte continuously ensures the correctness of the applied tax rates, exemptions, reductions and exceptions for all EU member states.


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