One VAT database
for your whole inventory

Precisely classify your entire product range in the specific VAT logic of each delivery country. Available for all EU-27 and Northern Ireland.

Making sure the price is right

With VATRules, you access a database of certified VAT rates on demand – directly in your system environment! Thus, your product prices will always include the correct VAT applicable to the EU-27 and Northern Ireland.

VAT compliance with VATRules

All standard VAT rates, reductions and temporary adjustments

eClear’s VATRules database includes the standard VAT rates and all country-specific reductions, exceptions and temporary adjustments.

VATRules is essential for the preparation of correct VAT returns. By providing automated updates, your product prices will always include the VAT rate required for the respective delivery country.

Compliance and competition

Reduce risks, protect margins

Many merchants apply the same product price when selling to other EU countries to simplify their processes. However, in addition to liability risks, they often underestimate the margin losses that can occur if local regulations are not considered, or their sources are outdated.

Your advantages

What VATRules has to offer


Product-specific allocation of applicable VAT rates

  • More than 1.2 million eClear IDs enable the precise combination of product and country-specific applicable VAT rate

Always up-to-date

  • The on-demand database is continuously updated

Certified data quality

  • Compliance with current EU and national legislation with currently more than 300,000 exceptions

Reliable delivery in your shop

  • High-performance REST API with certified response time under 100 ms

Financial Dashboard SPOT is included!

  • VATRules includes the use of SPOT free of charge for the duration of your contract


Strengthening your VAT compliance

  • Application of current VAT rates for the EU-27 and Northern Ireland within your existing business processes; essential for the preparation of correct VAT returns

Competitive and margin advantages

  • By taking into account the country-specific applicable regulations, you never charge too little or too much VAT

Reducing time and costs

  • Process optimisation through automation (e.g. fast market entry to expand your business to other countries; avoiding revisions)

Increasing customer satisfaction

  • Correct application of the locally applicable VAT rates when setting your product offerings
Pre-built, easy to integrate

APIs and plugins

VATRules is available as a plugin for various systems (e.g. SAP S/4Hana, SAP Commerce, plentymarkets) or can also be integrated into your environment via API.

Illustration: In SAP S/4Hana, the delivery of VAT rates is directly integrated into the SAP pricing determination.

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Included with VATRules

SPOT, your all-in-one dashboard

VATRules includes access to SPOT, eClear’s financial dashboard, free of charge for the duration of your contract.

SPOT aggregates your revenue, sales and tax data into one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Precisely classify your entire product range in the specific VAT logic of each delivery country.

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Would you like to find out how to use VATRules for your e-commerce business? Please send us your request!

    Jan Griesel, plentymarkets
    Jan GrieselFounder, Chairman of the Board, CEO

    With eClear, we have gained a strategic partner who can offer customers a unique solution for compliant taxation in cross-border e-ecommerce.

    plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system. It combines merchandise management with a shop system and omnichannel sales, including a POS system. With the online-based software, the entire online and offline trade can be fully automated. ClearVAT and VATRules are core-integrated into plentymarkets and available to more than 8,000 retailers.

    Original Räder Team
    Tony KastenTeam Leader Projects and Marketing

    For us, working with eClear is an essential step towards automating our processes. It allows us to scale our business further and serve our customers across Europe tax compliant.

    Original Räder is one of Germany’s leading suppliers in the field of rims and complete wheels. The company was founded in 2007 and went online with its online shop original-rä in 2016. Customers come from Germany, Austria, Denmark, France and Italy. Demand from Eastern European countries is also increasing. Original Räder uses VATRules via eClear’s plugin in plentymarkets.

    eClear AG

    Certified expertise

    We continuously update VATRules with the latest EU directives, regulations and national rulings of the member states to ensure that the delivered data is always up-to-date.

    eClear focus

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