One VAT Database for Your Whole Inventory

Classify your entire product range in the specific VAT logic of each delivery country, taking into account every standard rate, every reduction and every exemption, permanently updated.
Available for: all EU-27 and Northern Ireland.

The Product

Boosting Competitive Pricing with Tax Compliance

In a highly competitive industry, it is vital to avoid unnecessary losses with overpaid VAT.

VATRules knows all the VAT rates you have to charge in the EU-27 plus Northern Ireland.
So you are never over or underestimating your VAT spending for your product price calculation. Instead, you always calculate the VAT applicable in the respective destination country.

By applying the correct VAT rates, including reductions and exceptions in the respective countries, you not only comply with the current regulations but can increase your revenue.

In Detail

What Does VATRules Mean for Merchants?

The ability to calculate the correct VAT for every product means that beyond customer satisfaction and tax compliance, merchants can increase their revenues.

Many merchants apply the same product price when selling to other EU countries to simplify their processes. However, VAT rates on products in the EU vary. In Ireland, for example, many products falling into the categories of children’s clothes, shoes and books are subject to a reduced VAT rate of 0%, while a guitar is subject to the standard Irish VAT rate of 23%. In Portugal, on the other hand, children’s items are mainly taxed at the standard rate of 23%, but books and guitars are mostly taxed at only 6%.*

With VATRules such exceptions are always taken into account so that overpaid VAT is out of question and merchants can translate those losses into revenues.

* Subcategories can be taxed differently; for example, the category “children’s shoes” can be assessed differently with regard to shoe sizes. In our examples, we assume the maximum reduction in this case.

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Up to 4 Billion Annually* Overpaid VAT in Europe

Every year, merchants in Europe are overpaying VAT to the local tax authorities, but is doesn’t have to be like that.

Want to find out how you can increase your revenue and strengthen your competitiveness with VATRules?

Download our fact sheet to learn more about the potential savings when applying the correct VAT rates.

*The calculation is based on the e-commerce trade volume forecast for 2021 within the EU27 (Statista, 12.2021) and the application of the VATRules database.


  • More than 1.2 million eClear IDs that map the unique combinations of product and country-specific applicable tax rates; with currently more than 300,000 exceptions
  • On-demand database, tax rates continuously updated
  • Certified data quality
  • SPOT: a multi-market dashboard with all your shops, transactions and taxes in one place
  • High-performance REST API, certified response under 100 ms
  • Plugin available for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Customer Commerce (Hybris)


  • Tax-compliant application of the relevant VAT rates for the EU-27 and Northern Ireland
  • Competitive advantages through country-specific price calculations taking into account currently applicable local VAT regulations
  • Process optimisation and time savings through automation in a one-time grouping process (fast go-to-market)
  • Increase in customer satisfaction through the correct application of local VAT rates
Jan Griesel, plentymarkets
Jan GrieselFounder, Chairman of the Board, CEO

With eClear AG, we have gained a strategic partner who can offer our customers a unique solution for compliant taxation in cross-border e-commerce.

plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system. It combines merchandise management with a shop system and omnichannel sales, including a POS system. With the online-based software, the entire online and offline trade can be fully automated. VATRules has been integrated into plentymarkets core since February 2021 and is available to more than 8,000 retailers.

Original Räder
Tony KastenTeam Leader Projects and Marketing

For us, working with eClear is an essential step towards automating our processes. It allows us to scale our business further and serve our customers across Europe tax compliant.

Original Räder is one of Germany’s leading suppliers in the field of rims and complete wheels. The company was founded in 2007 and went online with its online shop original-rä in 2016. Customers come from Germany, Austria, Denmark, France and Italy. Demand from Eastern European countries is also increasing. Original Räder uses the VATRules via eClear plugin in plentymarkets.

eClear’s VATRules: A deeper look

Our Team Lead Data Science, Julia Gavriushina introduces the mechanism behind VATRules

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Pre-built, easy to integrate, multipurpose APIs and plugins
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Certified Expertise Ensures Peace of Mind

eClear’s certified processes and constant monitoring of applicable EU directives and the member states’ local regulations ensure that VATRules is continuously updated and on-demand delivered to your ERP or shop system.


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