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Deliver to your British customers as you did before Brexit

Take advantage of Europe’s largest e-commerce market while ClearCustoms takes care of your dutiable shipments

Keep calm and sell on

With ClearCustoms, you can serve your British customers as if Brexit had never happened.

Customs is that simple.

Full cost control for your customers

Online shopping as usual

In your online shop, inform your British customers about all costs related to their purchase. In addition to the product price, this includes the required import duties and the import VAT applicable in the UK.

This way, your customers know what costs they will have to pay as soon as they place their order.

Transparent Costs
Automation of your customs processes

Easy through customs

Ship your customer orders with the logistics partner of your choice!

We take care of the customs declaration of your shipments in the UK. Moreover, ClearCustoms pays the duties due to the UK authorities (import duties and import VAT). Completely automatically and in compliance with all requirements and deadlines.

CustomsClearing UK
Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) rather than Cash on Delivery (COD)

No money, no problems

Your customers are happy about the goods you deliver to their homes at the agreed price and without any subsequently charged costs.

The local delivery service is also happy and fast on its way because no charges have to be collected at the customer’s doorstep.

CustomsClearing UK


Automated tax reporting to British authorities

If your company is registered for VAT in the UK and thus has a UK VAT ID, we can optionally prepare the data for your tax return and send it to the UK authorities.

This requires the use of our VATRules database.

Learn more about VATRules

Return goods clearance

Return to sender

Wrong size, a damaged product?

In case of goods returns, we take care of the customs formalities, e.g., the consolidated return of your goods for both export from the UK and re-import into the country from which the goods were shipped.

We are also happy to take care of the correction notifications and refund applications related to returns for you.

CustomsClearing UK
Your advantages

What you get with ClearCustoms


Automated customs declaration

  • Declaring your consignments to the UK authorities

Payment of import duties

  • Automated timely payment of import duties and import VAT

Delivered Duty Paid

  • Handover of your shipments without cash payment of fees at the customer’s doorstep

Always use current customs tariffs

  • The applicable UK customs tariff for each of your products; certified and always up-to-date

Always use current VAT rates

  • Calculation of import VAT based on current certified VAT rates


Transfer of customs representation

  • Indirect customs representation (Importer of Record) or direct customs representation (for companies already registered in the UK)

Declaration of goods returns

  • Automated declaration of export as well as re-importation of returns

Shipping and logistics service provider independent

  • ClearCustoms works with any shipping and logistics service provider

Tax reporting to British authorities

  • For companies with a British VAT ID number

Available for any shop system

  • Easy integration into your existing system landscape via API
eClear AG

Our expertise in customs

With ClearCustoms, we take care of your customs obligations for sales to UK consumers.

Ensure your access to one of the world’s largest
e-commerce markets and save valuable resources.


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