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Customs | 11. January 2022

Six months of new EU customs regulations ─ a challenge for merchants and customers

New EU customs regulations for cross-border e-commerce have been in place for half a year. An overview of the most…

VAT | 8. December 2021

ECOFIN decides: New flexibilities for EU Member States in applying reduced VAT rates

With the new rules agreed by ECOFIN, EU Member States have more flexibility in applying reduced VAT rates.

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VAT | 29. November 2021

The EU’s One-Stop-Shop: Lessons from the last months

Since 1 July 2021, the One-Stop-Shop is supposed to bring simplifications in VAT reporting and submission obligations for e-commerce merchants.

E-Commerce | 9. November 2021

10 tips for e-commerce merchants to prepare for Black Friday

For e-commerce merchants, Black Friday is a key indicator of Christmas-sales. How to be prepared for these mega sales days.

Image Black Friday
E-Commerce | 2. November 2021

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday was invented in the USA and is becoming increasingly popular in this country. We look at its history…


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