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One Platform for all VAT and Customs Processing

Olga Popova, our Product Innovation Manager, shares her insights into eClear's platform evolution, the journey of its creation, and her bold vision for the future. We'll explore the collaborative process behind the development and discover how customer feedback has shaped its features. by

  • What is SPOT and how does it benefit businesses? SPOT is an all-in-one platform that integrates various eClear products, streamlining VAT and customs processes, reducing compliance complexity, and enhancing user experience through automated data management.
  • How does SPOT ensure compliance across different markets? SPOT uses advanced tools like CustomsAI for tariff classification and VATRules for up-to-date VAT rates, ensuring accurate and compliant operations in cross-border trade.
  • How is SPOT developed and improved? SPOT is developed through a collaborative approach, incorporating customer feedback and agile development to continuously enhance its features and user experience.


SPOT began as an ambitious concept: an omnichannel solution to streamline tax compliance across multiple channels. However, it has become far more comprehensive under Olga Popova’s guidance. SPOT is now a robust platform, the “Single Point of Truth”, that integrates eClear AG’s entire product portfolio, including CustomsAI for intelligent customs tariff classifications, VATRules for up-to-date VAT rates, FileVAT for automated submission of periodic and annual VAT returns or ClearVAT for automated VAT Clearing for merchants.

By uniting these powerful tools, SPOT transforms how businesses handle cross-border commercial transactions and compliance obligations, enhancing the user experience through an exceptional interface and automated data management.

Efficient administration: eClear’s platform for VAT and customs processes centralises and simplifies data and compliance management.

Olga likens the development process to a meticulously choreographed dance, commencing with comprehensive planning. Custom workflows are established, and team members are assigned specific tasks, ensuring a seamless progression from concept to execution.

„One of the key tricks is to keep information flowing and make it available to all team members and cross-functional teams involved in the project,” Olga explains.“

This transparent, collaborative approach fuels SPOT’s development, turning it into a “well-oiled machine”, as Olga describes it. It exemplifies eClear’s commitment to teamwork and the belief that innovation thrives when diverse talents converge. This spirit of collaboration propels SPOT’s development and reflects the company’s broader culture of innovation and shared purpose.

Meet Olga Popova: The Innovator Behind SPOT

Olga Popova, eClear’s Product Innovation Manager, didn’t just stumble into tax technology – she was drawn to it. From her early days in IT, Olga was fascinated by how technology could solve complex problems and improve people’s lives.

„My IT career started with a lot of hands-on interaction with customers and colleagues across different departments,” Olga explains. “At ICQ Inc., I saw first-hand the impact a well-designed product could have, and that sparked my interest in the world of product management.“

Now at eClear, Olga thrives on the challenge of creating innovative solutions for the tax industry.

„Developing SPOT has been a journey, with plenty of hurdles along the way,” she admits. But seeing the platform come to life and knowing it will make a real difference for businesses – that’s what makes it all worthwhile. My goal is for the SPOT Dashboard to be essential to how we measure product success,” she says. “It should be a user-friendly ‘helper’ that provides clear, actionable insights.“

How Customer Feedback Transformed SPOT

A shining example of eClear’s commitment to user-centric design emerged from a simple yet insightful request by a valued customer. She desired more granular control over her data, specifically suggesting an “on/off switch” for easy activation or deactivation of specific data points within the platform.

This seemingly minor suggestion resonated deeply with the eClear team. The development team swiftly implemented the feature using their agile approach, recognising the potential to significantly enhance the user experience for all customers. The result was a refined data management interface that empowers users with unparalleled control over their information.

SPOT’s Future

Technology evolves constantly, presenting challenges and opportunities for tax and customs professionals. Integrating new technologies while maintaining rigorous data privacy and security standards is crucial. eClear addresses this by prioritising robust security measures and employing trustworthy encryption technologies to safeguard sensitive information.

Key trends shaping the future of cloud services include an increasing emphasis on security and the growing role of AI. Products like CustomsAI and VATRules leverage AI to enhance capabilities, and eClear is committed to ongoing research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

SPOT’s evolution continues beyond launch. eClear maintains a rigorous development cycle, using continuous feedback and user collaboration to deliver new features and enhancements. This includes integrating additional eClear products and expanding functionalities to meet the evolving needs of businesses in cross-border markets. This iterative approach ensures SPOT remains a reliable and cutting-edge platform.

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