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eClear VAT solutions

VAT automation for borderless e-commerce

With eClear’s VAT automation solutions, online merchants overcome the complexity of international taxes in e-commerce.

eClear VAT solutions

Your path to a lean VAT process

eClear offers full-service tax processing for cross-border B2C commerce transactions in Europe and provides individual solutions for your specific transactions.

About VAT

Value-added tax (VAT) is a tax on the exchange of services between two parties. All companies are obligated to pay VAT. On our topic page you will find all the important and current information on value-added tax, VAT IDs, the numerous exemptions and much more specifically for e-commerce.

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Take VAT worries off your merchants’ shoulders

Embedded tax payment for digital platforms

From cross-border B2C trading transactions, ClearCustoms takes over the complete processing of merchant’s VAT obligations, including registration, reporting, and liability. And it also relieves the marketplace of its VAT obligations.

VAT tools for e-commerce merchants

Minimise your liability risk

eClear automates specific processes of your VAT obligations from cross-border B2C commerces. Registration, reporting, and liability are up to you as a merchant.

VAT Optimiser®

Turn overpaid VAT into a bigger margin

Applying the wrong tax rates not only leads to the unintentional reduction of VAT, but also reduces your margin.

There are different VAT rates across the European Union. Nevertheless, many merchants rely on a uniform product price across countries. They underestimate the losses when local reductions and exemptions are not considered. Other online retailers adjust their prices according to the purchasing power of the respective target market. There are unnecessary losses due to overpaid VAT.

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CheckVAT ID®

Check the VAT number of your EU trading partners

Optimise your VAT ID validation across all EU member states. Benefit from instant verification, real-time accuracy, and industry-leading security for maximum compliance in cross-border trade.


The revenue manager

SPOT is an omnichannel transaction dashboard for merchants that provides real-time alerts on cross-border VAT, customs, and compliance.

SPOT uses merchant invoice data from shops and platforms and aggregates it into a single overview. With AVATAR (Automated VAT Audit and Reporting Assistant), SPOT identifies compliance and regulatory requirements and provides solutions to meet and automate these requirements.

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