Postal service integrated directly into your e-commerce system

With Postal, national postal services are integrated into your e-commerce processes. Customs clearance of third-country shipments, regardless of the value of the goods, is thus fully automatic.

Fully automated worldwide shipping

By fully integrating the local postal service into your system landscape, you automate the entire customs clearance process. This automatically rules out under-invoicing of the shipment of the goods. And by using regular postage rates, the costs always remain transparent for you and your customers.

Use Case

Door-to-door service with transparent costs

By integrating Postal into your e-commerce system, you benefit from all the advantages of postal shipping in a fully automated way.

The focus here is on cross-border goods traffic and between third countries such as Switzerland or the United Kingdom. With Postal, there is no limit to the value of goods and shipments over EUR 150 can be handled without any problems.


Focus on cross-border commerce

  • Also suitable for shipments between third countries such as Switzerland and the UK
  • No limit of EUR 150 value of goods
  • Extendable to any parcel service provider
  • Globally available
  • Designed for handling very large volumes
  • ITMATT integration

Express customs clearance at standard post prices

  • Automated processing of millions of items after 1 July 2021
  • Customs content declaration for a non-EU shipment can be automatically completed and made available
  • eClear frees you from the risks of customs clearance
  • Ensure correct customs declaration through high data consistency instead of under-invoicing
  • No payment processing at the customer’s doorstep
  • Fully automated customs clearance
  • Reduction of process costs for all parties involved

Solutions for all systems and platforms

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