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Data preparation for your VAT reporting to the EU One-Stop-Shop

OSS+ BASIC takes over the extraction and preparation of your VAT-relevant data for reporting to the One-Stop-Shop

Compliant OSS declarations made easy and efficient

With OSS+ BASIC, after processing your VAT-relevant data, you receive a finished OSS report for uploading to the BZSt online portal (BOP). The CSV reports created take into account the evaluation, filtering and, of course, the data allocation per destination country.

Precise data determination and preparation

OSS-compliant preparation of your data

OSS+ BASIC extracts all the data required for a correct OSS report from your online shop and the marketplaces you use.

The automated tax data mapping translates and categorises your data into the OSS logic.

Ready-to-report data

Data export for BOP upload

With OSS+ BASIC, you receive compliant CSV files ready for reporting.

The provided reporting data follows all requirements of the EU One-Stop-Shop; for uploading to the BZSt Online-Portal (BOP) by you or your tax advisor.

Your advantages

What OSS+ BASIC has to offer


Precise data determination

  • Extraction of your VAT-relevant data from different sources (shop, marketplaces)

Automated data preparation according to OSS logic

  • Translation and categorisation of your data in the OSS logic, allocation according to destination country

Ready-to-transmit CSV files

  • Preparation and provision of ready-to-transmit CSV reports including evaluation and filtering, which you/your tax advisor can use for uploading to the BOP

Financial Dashboard SPOT is included!

  • OSS+ BASIC includes the use of SPOT free of charge for the duration of your contract


Strengthening your VAT compliance

  • Data processing and provision follows the requirements for reporting to the EU OSS

Reducing time and costs

  • Automated processing of your data for correct OSS reporting

Can be combined with other eClear products

  • For efficient processes to ensure your VAT compliance (e.g. FileVAT, VATRules)

The right solution for your system environment

  • Depending on the upstream system, connection via API or data delivery with upload

Do you use warehouses in other countries,
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

Combine OSS+ BASIC with FileVAT for automated VAT reporting for your warehouse countries. With FileVAT, you or your tax advisor retain control over your local reports to the countries where you use warehouses and always transmit to the correct country-specific interface.


  • Automated preparation of your country-specific declarations when using warehouses abroad
  • Providing the respective interfaces for the transmission of your reports to foreign authorities
  • VAT reporting incl. stock transfers (FBA)
  • EC Sales List included

Intrastat and local registrations in countries on request.

Learn more about FileVAT

Included with OSS+ BASIC

SPOT, your all-in-one dashboard

OSS+ BASIC includes access to SPOT, eClear’s financial dashboard, free of charge for the duration of your contract.

SPOT aggregates your revenue, sales and tax data into one easy-to-use dashboard.

With its transaction control, SPOT checks the VAT rates of your invoices and reports errors.

Order OSS+ BASIC now!

Leave the data preparation for your One-Stop-Shop declarations to OSS+ BASIC!

Order via eClear’s store and combine with FileVAT if required.



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    Why the EU One-Stop-Shop (OSS)
    alone is not enough

    The OSS (One-Stop-Shop) refers to the central processing of all VAT reporting and payment obligations arising from trade in goods with consumers in the EU-27 in a single tax declaration.

    At first glance, a simplification of VAT compliance concerning cross-border e-commerce.

    However: A declaration via the OSS requires tax registration; in Germany, the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (BZSt) is the competent authority.

    The tax rate determination for your goods for all EU-27 as well as the creation and submission of the One-Stop-Shop declaration remain necessary.

    Learn more about the One-Stop-Shop

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