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All EU customs tariffs in one database

Each customs tariff for each product, for each destination country within the EU-27 plus Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom, continuously updated

Use Case

All current customs tariffs directly in your own system

Legal changes to the Union Customs Code on 1 July 2021 led to increased formalities and costs for customs declarations for imports of goods from third countries.

With CustomsRules, you receive all relevant data for determining the currently applicable customs tariffs for the EU-27, Switzerland, Norway, and the United Kingdom and the calculation of the customs value in the respective national currency and the expected customs or import VAT duties.

Thus, your products can be classified according to the customs tariff, and the import duties can be calculated for the end customer.

At a glance

Continuous updating with levy determination in real-time

  • Available for millions of articles/products
  • Continuously updated database; automatic data updates in case of official changes in tariffs
  • Intuitive mapping of your product groups
  • High-performance REST API
  • Automation of customs declaration
  • Real-time levy determination
  • Available for all EU-27 plus CH, NO, UK and more on request
  • Audit-proof
  • Consulting on request

Additional costs for customers are directly visible in the check-out

The integrated Display functionality shows the fully calculated final price for the customer in the webshop. Both the costs for import VAT and, if applicable, fees are immediately visible in the respective national currency and displayed in conformity with the law.

In this way, the total costs remain transparent for the customer, and unnecessary returns can be avoided.

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“CustomsRules ensures that products can be wholly and correctly assigned to a customs tariff. By intelligently linking our expertise with different IT systems, we achieve a high level of data consistency that guarantees our solutions’ high quality.”

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