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In plentymarkets, merchants use eClear’s solutions directly in their backend and embedded in their order processes. From the provision of current VAT rates to full-service VAT clearing: the eClear plugin automates VAT obligations according to applicable regulations integrated into existing processes.

E-Commerce across Europe

Border-free e-commerce better with plentymarkets and eClear

With eClear’s automation solutions, plentymarkets merchants overcome the complexity of VAT in Europe and accelerate their cross-border online trading business.

The eClear plugin is integrated into plentymarkets core and enables VATRules, ThresholdControl, and ClearVAT – directly in the merchant’s plenty backend.

eClear Plugin

VATRules: The much-more-than-just-VAT database

With VATRules, merchants can access a database of certified tax rates for all EU-27 countries (plus CH, UK and NO) on-demand – directly in their plentymarkets backend! The product prices thus automatically take into account the nationally applicable VAT rates.

eClear’s VATRules database includes the standard VAT rates and reductions, exemptions, and country-specific features, too. Updates and changes are automatically imported.

VATRules benefits

Accelerator for your EU expansion

  • Audit-proof application of certified and automatically updated VAT rates
  • Increase competitiveness by optimising prices and margins using correct VAT and with local conditions in mind
  • Immediate scaling of the business through rapid entry into additional markets and new product ranges
  • Reduction of previous cost and time expenditure (e.g. no correction registration)
  • Application of correct prices in the webshop
  • Direct use within the plentymarkets order processes (through core integration)
  • Foundation for the full-service solution ClearVAT (from summer 2021)
eClear Plugin

ClearVAT: Cross-border E-Commerce VAT-free

ClearVAT is the full-service solution for automated VAT clearing, which takes over the collection of total receivables from B2C customers from other EU countries and the reporting and collection of VAT to the tax authorities in the respective countries of destination.

With ClearVAT, merchants sell their products to all EU countries registration-free, VAT-free, and liability-free (eClear frees traders from an audit abroad risk).

ClearVAT will be available in plentymarkets from summer 2021.

ClearVAT benefits

0% VAT. 0% liability risk.

  • 0% VAT: The cross-border sale of B2C goods is completely VAT-free: eClear takes over the VAT obligations abroad.
  • 0% liability risk abroad: eClear exempts you from the risk of an audit abroad
  • 100% EU market coverage (plus Switzerland, UK, Norway)
  • Immediate scaling of the business through rapid entry into additional markets and new product ranges
  • Country-specific registrations, cost expenditure for local tax advisors and the creation of a local bank account are eliminated
  • Expansion, growth and efficient handling of cross-border online trade
  • Focus on the core business
eClear Plugin

ThresholdControl: Monitor cross-border business development

The threshold monitor keeps track of when the net turnover from sales to other EU countries would require registration for VAT purposes in the country of destination.

On 1 July 2021, the thresholds currently still applicable to EU countries will be replaced by a uniform threshold of EUR 10,000.

Original Räder
Tony KastenTeam Leader Projects and Marketing

For us, working with eClear is an essential step towards automating our processes. It allows us to scale our business further and serve our customers across Europe tax compliant.

Original Räder is one of Germany’s leading suppliers in the field of rims and complete wheels. The company was founded in 2007 and went online with its online shop original-rä in 2016. Customers come from Germany, Austria, Denmark, France and Italy. Demand from Eastern European countries is also increasing. Original Räder uses the VATRules via eClear plugin in plentymarkets.

Jan Griesel, plentymarkets
Jan GrieselFounder, Chairman of the Board, CEO

With eClear AG, we have gained a strategic partner who can offer our customers a unique solution for compliant taxation in cross-border e-commerce.

plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system. It combines merchandise management with a shop system and omnichannel sales, including a POS system. With the online-based software, the entire online and offline trade can be fully automated. VATRules has been integrated into plentymarkets core since February 2021 and is available to more than 8,000 retailers.


Challenges of the
European Single Market

Varying VAT rates, required registrations and liability risks abroad. Anyone who sells products across borders in the EU knows the challenges of the European single market. In addition, relevant changes that need to be observed in e-commerce will come into force on 1 July 2021.

Thus, the different supply thresholds are replaced by a uniform threshold of EUR 10,000. If cross-border trade reaches EUR 10,000, the registration and reporting obligations in the countries of destination apply.


How to install the eClear plugin for plentymarkets

If you have already registered at, you can load the eClear plugin in the Marketplace of plenty.

The plugin setup is supported by an assistant that guides you through all settings (plenty backend: menu Setup > Assistants).

You will need access data to set up the plugin, which you will receive after the registration process at

When opening the video, a connection to third-party providers is established, which may collect data. You can find more information here.


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