Future-Proof Your Business: Handle EU Cross-Border Commerce Trends

Navigate VAT and Customs with eClear — The Future of International Trade Simplified.

The European cross-border market is witnessing a shift. As experts in digital business solutions, our tools are designed to empower businesses in navigating the evolving landscape of EU trade. With a focus on regulatory compliance and seamless digital integration, we offer the key to unlocking new opportunities in the dynamic EU market.

Key Trends Shaping EU Cross-Border Commerce:

Shift to Sustainable Practices: Consumers increasingly demand eco-friendly products and packaging, driving businesses to adopt sustainable practices throughout their supply chains.

Personalised Shopping Experiences: Tailored recommendations and personalised interactions are becoming the norm, with businesses leveraging data analytics to enhance customer engagement.

Emerging Technologies: Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies are transforming cross-border commerce, enabling faster transactions, improved supply chain visibility, and enhanced security.

Updated VAT and Customs Compliance:

VAT Harmonisation: The EU’s VAT system is undergoing significant harmonisation, with new rules and procedures coming into effect. Businesses need to stay informed to avoid compliance issues.

Customs Procedures: Streamlined customs procedures are introduced to improve efficiency and reduce trade friction. Businesses need to familiarise themselves with these new processes.

Digitalisation of Customs Processes: Customs authorities are increasingly adopting digital tools and processes, requiring businesses to adapt their operations accordingly.

Navigating the complexities of EU cross-border commerce requires a sophisticated approach. Our flagship products, ClearVAT® and ClearCustoms®, combined with CustomsAI, offer a comprehensive solution to help you achieve unparalleled efficiency and compliance in this dynamic and challenging market.

ClearVAT®: Revolutionising VAT Compliance

Seamless VAT Management: ClearVAT® greatly simplifies VAT obligations across EU member states, addressing the challenges of varying VAT rates and regulations and significantly reducing administrative burdens.

Marketplace Integration: ClearVAT® integrates with online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms for real-time VAT calculations and compliance checks, ensuring transactions comply with relevant VAT regulations across the EU.

Cost-Effective for Merchants: Offering a cost-effective solution for VAT compliance, ClearVAT® eliminates the need for complex VAT management systems, saving time and reducing costs associated with VAT registration and reporting in multiple EU countries​​.

ClearVAT blau

ClearCustoms®: Simplifying Customs Processes

Border-Free Shipping Experience: Streamlines the customs clearance process for a border-free experience.

Customs Compliance: Ensures adherence to the latest customs regulations with tailored solutions for key markets.

Automated Customs Processes: Automates tasks like classifying goods and calculating tariffs, enhancing efficiency.

ClearCustoms blau

CustomsAI: AI-Powered Customs and VAT Management

AI-Assisted Tariff Classification: Utilises advanced AI to assign customs tariffs accurately, reducing manual effort and errors.

Bulk Upload and Continuous Updates: Offers bulk upload for initial classification and seamless integration for ongoing product updates.

Automated VAT Rate Application: Combined with VATRules from eClear, it automatically applies local VAT rates in EU-27 countries.

Optimised European Commerce with eClear

Adapting to Marketplace Dynamics and Regulatory Expertise

Pilot the EU’s changing market conditions and regulatory landscapes. Our in-depth knowledge of EU regulations ensures proactive compliance.

Technological and Business Flexibility

Leverage AI and Big Data for diverse commerce models.


Streamlined Management

Simplify VAT and customs processes, enhancing operational efficiency.

Integrated, Sustainable Practices

Align with significant platforms and eco-friendly approaches for sustainable trade.

Utilise our technology for your future-proof cross-border business. Get in touch.


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