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Live webinar: How to make data-driven decisions for a successful e-commerce business

16. March 2022
10.00 h - 10.45 h
e-commerce, tax technology

How to make data-driven decisions for a successful e-commerce business

Forrester’s 2021 report for online retail in Western Europe shows that e-commerce in the region grew 2.5 times faster in 2020 than in 2019 – a record 31% growth. The countries with the highest growth rates in e-commerce included the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The basis for this dynamic growth is efficient decision-making and the right tools. Modern technologies and detailed and up-to-date sales insights enable e-commerce professionals and executives to optimise their next steps and make more profitable decisions.


In our webinar, eClear experts Silke Frenzel (VP of Direct Sales) and Jochen Sporket (VP Finance) will provide you with comprehensive information on the latest trends and insights for the future of e-commerce.

  • How technology helps to implement new insights into industry trends
  • How to create high customer loyalty with personalised user experiences
  • How data analytics can give you insights into your business
  • How to increase your profits through the correct application of local VAT rates
  • About strategies for making data-driven decisions about your turnover
  • How to keep up with important deadlines and regulations

As a participant, you can also expect two exclusive presentations…

SPOT: one dashboard for all shops, all markets and all transactions

In SPOT, users can see all their shop systems, all marketplaces and all transactions in one interface to make data-driven decisions for a successful business.

VAT Rules: one database for your whole inventory

VATRules knows all the VAT rates you have to charge in the EU-27 plus Northern Ireland. This tool makes sure you always calculate the VAT applicable in the respective destination country – a tax-compliant way to increase your revenue.

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