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Full Service and Customs Suite

Automated customs processing throughout Europe

All applicable customs duties and the declaration and payment of import duties in the country of destination.

Customs Compliance

Your path to a lean customs solution

eClear offers the automated processing of your customs obligations from cross-border B2C trade transactions.


Each customs tariff for each product, for each destination country within the EU-27 plus Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom, continuously updated.



The automated VAT and customs solution for merchants from a third country selling goods with a value of less than €150 to the EU.


CustomsClearing UK

Take advantage of Europe’s largest e-commerce market while CustomsClearing UK takes care of your dutiable shipments.

CustomsClearing UK

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eClear Experts

Andreas Weidner | Customs Expert
Vice President Customs Compliance

Julia Gavriushina
Teamlead Data Science

Lea-Luisa Weichselbaum
Teamlead VATRules

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