eClear | 11. May 2021

Who matches with us?

eClear is growing. We spoke to Maike Wehage, Vice President Human Resources & Organisation, to discuss eClear's team and its development. by

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More than 60 people from over 13 different nationalities work at eClear. By the end of the year, our team will grow even more. Vice President Human Resources & Organisation, Maike Wehage, observes the development of our team and reports impressive facts, e.g. a 50/50 parity between women and men.

How is the eClear team made up?

Maike: eClear is very proud of its diverse workforce. With our Clear Values, we commit to professionalism and integrity and foster an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We are convinced that a diverse workforce drives innovation and, ultimately, the company’s success.

What growth do you expect this year?

Maike: Currently, eClear has a headcount of 61, out of which 31 are women and 30 are men. Parity is an essential aspect of our leadership culture. We see this perfect parity across all levels in our company.

Our workforce is growing very fast: we plan to grow by another 50% by the end of this year! Currently, we employ people from 13 different nationalities, with a rising tendency. The average age of our workforce is 40, and we attract talent from a wide range of professional backgrounds: Sales, Finance, Communications, Taxation, HR, IT etc.

Who matches with us?

Maike: Besides the professional expertise, we expect a pragmatic, “hands-on” mentality. All employees have to work independently from day one and are expected to share the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup company. This means understanding our products, customers, and markets, bringing in your ideas and working as a team towards common goals.

Want to find out more? Please browse our company website, follow us and find our current vacancies here.

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