Newsroom, VAT | 20. December 2022

VAT fraud with fuels in Portugal

Following an operation led by the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) on 7 December, five people were charged with tax fraud and money laundering. by

The defendants allegedly have been involved in an alleged VAT fraud of fuels imported from Spain and sold in Portugal, with an estimated loss of more than 26 million euros.

The court ordered coercive measures against the three suspects – two men and a woman, arrested during the operation. The two male suspects were released on bail – with the condition that they attend the police station at their place of residence twice a week. In addition, the female suspect was suspended from practising as a chartered accountant. The other two suspects, one of whom was abroad at the time of the operation, cooperated with the judiciary and were, therefore, neither arrested nor subjected to any other coercive measures.

In addition to the five individuals, 16 companies are also charged with

During the operation, bank accounts worth EUR 11.9 million and 34 vehicles with a total estimated value of EUR 1,702,000 were seized, including a Lamborghini worth EUR 574,000 and a Bentley worth EUR 215,000. In addition, 23 properties with a total value of EUR 518,670 and several shareholdings were seized.

For more information on the arrests, click here.

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