VAT | 21. October 2021

Original Räder 24 GmbH trusts eClear

When it comes to cross-border e-commerce, Original Räder can count on eClear. They report on their challenges and how they solve them. by

Image Originalraeder
Image Originalraeder

The Original Räder 24 GmbH is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of rims and complete wheels for the brands Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz / AMG and VW, as well as the corresponding accessories. The medium-sized company was founded in Stralsund in 2007 by Steve Brose and Christoph Wanitschke and went online with its online shop original-rä in 2016.

The company sells its products throughout Europe. “We find our customers all over Europe: Austria, Denmark, France, Italy. Demand from Eastern European countries is also increasing,” says Tony Kasten, Team Leader Projects and Marketing at Original Räder. The growth and international orientation of the online shop have an impact on Original Räder’s VAT obligations and processes, among other things.

„We simply had to find a solution that would not restrict our EU-wide trade and keep our processes lean and efficient.“

Tony Kasten – Team Lead Projects and Marketing at Original Räder

Original Räder is well-equipped for the package of measures under the EU’s VAT digital package that came into force on 1 July. The uniform threshold of 10,000 EUR for deliveries throughout the EU replaced the delivery threshold of 35,000 EUR on average of the individual member states that previously applied to cross-border deliveries. As a result, VAT registration is required much more quickly. Tony Kasten explains: “With two or three baskets of goods, we quickly exhausted the new EU-wide threshold. So, we simply had to find a solution that did not restrict our EU-wide trade and kept our processes lean and efficient.”

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