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The e-invoicing in Denmark

Electronic invoicing has been mandatory for companies in Denmark for over 15 years. And the regulations are continuously being adapted. by

DNK E Invoicing will be adjusted
DNK E Invoicing will be adjusted

Since 2005, e-invoicing in the public sector (B2G) has become indispensable in Denmark – and is just as obligatory for the public sector as for its suppliers, among other things, for all contract work and any payment flow from the authorities).

In B2B, these issues are being addressed later, as the following implementation timeline shows:

January 2023:

The Danish Business Authority must publish detailed requirements by this date. System providers must then adapt their products to the new regulations and apply to the authorities for their approval.

January 2024:

Companies will be obliged to use an authorised system (accounting classes B, C and D).

January 2026:

The authorised system includes all private companies in accounting class A with an annual turnover of more than DK 300,000.

Sole proprietorships with a turnover of less than DKK 300,000 are exempt from the obligation to use a digital accounting system, but must of course still comply with all other legal requirements.

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