Newsroom, VAT | 1. December 2022

Spain updates VAT forms from 2023

The Spanish tax administration updated some forms relevant to VAT on 18.11.2022. The changes will come into force from January 2023. by

Spain New forms from 2023
Spain New forms from 2023

The first reporting period in which the new forms apply for the regular and the group VAT return and the 2022 reporting period for the annual VAT return will start in January 2023.

The updated Spanish VAT forms:

  • VAT return (Modelo 303)
  • Annual VAT return (Modelo 390)
  • VAT group returns groups (Modelo 322)

Why were the forms updated?

  • Consideration of the new temporary VAT rates in Spain of 5% and 0%.
  • Technical innovations to facilitate completion and standardisation of designations and sections in all three forms.
  • Various changes are mainly aimed at using the same naming and numbering in all three forms and facilitating understanding of the different sections.
  • An additional field on the margin scheme is inserted in forms 303 and 322 to correspond to the four fields in forms 390.
  • The VAT return form contains information on the previous VAT position, including any adjustments that may have been submitted, in the final position section.

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