E-Commerce, Newsroom | 16. January 2023

Spain: Alibaba expands European business

The Chinese trading group Alibaba has opened a new online marketplace for mid and high-end products in Spain. The marketplace, called Miravia, is aimed at luxury consumers who can choose between high-end products from the fashion, food, lifestyle, and beauty sectors. In addition, both retailers and content creators are to be connected on the platform. by

Alibaba continues its expansion by entering one of Europe’s largest consumer markets, with around 30 million online shoppers.
According to Alibaba, Miravia will enable an easy connection between brands, content creators, and consumers, providing an enhanced shopping experience. For example, software for testing makeup will be integrated into the platform, and customers will also be able to use Miravia via an iOS app.

Platform users can expect both international and local mid-range and high-end brands to be represented in the selection, from big names like Adidas to local brands like Cuétara.

“We want to give space to local and global sellers. We support all brands, big and small, with competitive offers and a personalised and fun shopping experience,” said Yann Fotaine, general manager of Miravia. “We chose Spain because it is a country with 30 million online shoppers,” he explained. “Spain is one of the European markets with the greatest potential in e-commerce. The country has a very good internet infrastructure, which means huge potential for a platform like Miravia.”

Merchants using the platform can create their virtual shop and implement advertising campaigns, loyalty programmes and other ways of engaging with customers.

Spain was selected because it has a large customer segment with solid online shopping habits and the potential for further growth in this category.

Source: 1stopvat.com

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