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Review: eClear at WordCamp Warszawa 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to corona, the WordCamp opened its doors on 11. and 12 June 2022 its doors again. In the heart of Warsaw, at the newly completed Cambridge Innovation Center, WordPress enthusiasts and users met for two days to share their experiences and opinions and learn about new technology solutions for the WordPress platform. by

eClear live at WordCamp Warszawa 2022 review header
eClear live at WordCamp Warszawa 2022 review header

The conference, organised by iLabs and the WWW Foundation, targeted a broad audience, people with different skills, with its workshops and talks: WordPress users, bloggers, large and small companies with news sites, executives, web designers and retailers who sell products created with WordPress daily. Thus, the topics were also very diverse: accessibility of WordPress for people with disabilities, the latest WordPress plug-ins and developments, security of WordPress websites, optimal hosting, audio branding and much more. In addition to the exciting presentations, the conference also included several workshops and a networking area for discussions.

VAT and customs – challenges in cross-border e-commerce.

eClear was live on stage on the second day of the event. Roman Maria Koidl, founder and CEO of eClear, spoke about the challenges in cross-border e-commerce.

Roman Maria Koidl live at WordCamp Warszawa 2022

VAT and customs – challenges in cross-border e-commerce. How can you save money and make your business more efficient? Rapid expansion into European markets, portfolio expansion, scaling, increasing efficiency, outsourcing VAT risks and declaration obligations. In cross-border B2C goods traffic, the country of destination principle applies: traders must calculate VAT according to the regulations applicable in the respective country of the recipient and report and pay it to the tax authorities there. The presentation asked and answered the questions, “How can you optimise your processes to scale your business further?” “What automation solutions are there for cross-border e-commerce?”.

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