Newsroom, VAT | 6. December 2022

Reform of the Belgian VAT chain

On the proposal of Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem, the Belgian Council of Ministers has approved a preliminary draft law on the modernisation of the processing of periodic VAT returns or the “VAT chain” and the collection of receivables. by

Belgium simplifies the VAT return
Belgium simplifies the VAT return

The preliminary draft of the “Act to Modernise the Processing of Periodic VAT Returns” is available. It provides for amendments to the Value Added Tax Act and aims in particular at modernisation and simplification:

  • the processing of the periodic VAT returns, in particular, if the taxable persons fail to submit these returns 
  • the VAT debts and credits resulting from these declarations

As part of the reform of the VAT chain, the bill also amends various other legal provisions on collecting taxes and non-tax receivables within the Belgian FPS system.

The preliminary draft is submitted to the Council of State for consultation.

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