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OTTO Market: Fee Increase Starting March 2023 

The online marketplace of Otto, one of Germany's largest mail-orders companies, will adjust its commissions for sellers from 1 March this year. by

According to a company spokeswoman, the trading fees have been subject to review recently. It has been decided to make adjustments in certain product range areas. The fees are to be partly increased and partly reduced in the process.

Otto fixed the commissions for most product groups about three years ago, and they had remained constant. Currently, a commission is due per item sold, but not all retailers are necessarily affected by the change. Since the amount of commission for most product groups will remain constant, everything will stay the same for most marketplace partners.

The adjustments to commissions could be more transparent for sellers on Otto’s marketplace. It remains to be seen how the changes will impact the sellers’ business. However, Otto emphasised that they are trying to keep the changes as small as possible for most partners.

Which product groups are affected?

In a statement, the company announced that it is a matter of isolated and different product groups for which new commissions have been calculated. Without giving further details, Otto announced that, for example, the commissions for drug store products would be significantly reduced in some cases.

At the same time, the fees for home textiles will increase. However, the commission level remains unchanged for most product groups. The basic fee of 39.90 EUR per month also remains unchanged. Otto emphasised its efforts to keep the impact of the changes as low as possible for most partners. It remains to be seen how the commission adjustments will impact sellers’ business in the marketplace.

In a letter to partners, Otto said that fees for its OTTO Payments service would increase by 0.1 percentage points to 2.3 per cent. However, according to the company, this increase will not impact the costs for the partners, as a corresponding reduction in the product group-specific commission will offset these.



Source https://www.onlinehaendler-news.de

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