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eClear’s Anita Richter is speaker of the TPA Global online seminar

On 07 April 2021, the TPA Global online seminar "Getting Towards An End-to-End Technology Solution on VAT for Europe - A Case Study with ZERO VAT for Merchants/Platforms" will take place. eClear´s Anita Richter will participate here with an important part as a speaker. by

AnitaRichter 1440x700
AnitaRichter 1440x700

On 07 April 2021, the TPA Global online seminar “Getting Towards An End-to-End Technology Solution on VAT for Europe – A Case Study with ZERO VAT for Merchants/Platforms” will take place. Anita Richter, Vice President Tax Technology Innovation of eClear AG and Product Owner of the full-service VAT solution ClearVAT, will participate here with an essential part as a speaker.

The VATRules as an important part of the “building blocks for tax”.

As part of our partnership with TPA Global, we will present our VAT database, VATRules. It contains over 1.2 million tax codes on-demand, including all exceptions, reductions, and exemptions for every EU member state plus the UK and Switzerland. Directly integrated into the shop system of the e-commerce merchant, all VAT rates are thus immediately identified and applied. In real-time, the integrated display function shows customers the correct tax rate and the shopping cart’s associated costs.

VATRules are a significant part of the overall TPA Global “building blocks for tax” project. This online seminar will present them in detail and Cygnet’s R7 tool, a solution for automating and managing VAT returns.

With “building blocks for tax”, TPA Global explicitly drives digital transformation in integrated tax technologies. This building blocks approach is developed to help each company’s tax department find the right technology to contribute even more efficiently and data-driven to the business’s overall success.

About Anita Richter

The speaker, Anita Richter, has extensive knowledge of technology-based optimisation and automation of tax business processes. Her previous careers include KPMG Berlin, where she worked as Manager Corporate Tax Services, and Springer Nature AG & Co. KGAA, where she was Director Indirect Tax. She studied economics, focusing on banking and financing, at the Leibniz University of Hanover and passed her exams as a tax consultant in 2011.

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