Customs, E-Commerce, Newsroom | 30. November 2022

Customs storage: DHL Express increases costs by 100%

As of 01/01/2023, DHL Express will increase the price for the storage of dutiable deliveries. by

DHL Express doubles storage fees
DHL Express doubles storage fees

If customs do not clear a non-EU shipment within three days, storage fees of EUR 10 plus 20 cents per day and kilo will be due from 01/01/2023. From the previous price (EUR 5 per day + 10 cents per kilo), this means a doubling of the previous fees, reports Paketda.

But there is a way around these costs: If customers enclose all the necessary customs documents with the parcel when it is sent!

A few weeks ago, Deutsche Post DHL Group announced its intention to simplify customs declarations with a new service. As early as 01/11/2022, customers can take advantage of the new “Valuation” service – customs declarations for goods from non-EU countries are to be made more cost-effective and simplified.

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