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Black Friday 2022 – A review

Black Friday 2022 in Germany is behind us, and the first reports show different assessments. by

Black Friday 22 e commerce thrilled
Black Friday 22 e commerce thrilled

The interest of consumers in Black Friday has increased significantly again this year.

E-Commerce exceeds expectations

According to the calculations of the payment service provider Klarna and the platform Blackfriday.de, German online merchants recorded an increase in sales of 7% on Friday and even 13% over the entire campaign week. According to the report, millennials (25- to 40-year-olds) generated the most significant sales, contributing 52 per cent to the sales success. Generation Z (18-24) contributed 27 per cent, while older online shoppers (41-56) accounted for 18 per cent. The baby boomer group (57+) still contributed three per cent to total sales.

Stationary is disappointed

In stationary retail, on the other hand, hopes were not fulfilled. According to Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE), there was a “clear revival of business on the first Advent weekend” – among others in consumer electronics, cosmetics, food, and smartphones. However, the number of customers in the city centres is still below the pre-Corona times. The trade association expects total sales of over 120 billion euros for November and December – a minus of four per cent compared to 2021.

Do you have an online shop? Is Black Friday something you will do in the coming year? Then check out our checklist, which will help you get ready for this special shopping event.

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