E-Invoicing, Newsroom, VAT | 14. December 2022

Belgium: E-invoicing is the new normal for B2G invoicing

Following the publication of the Royal Decree of 9 March 2022, companies will have to issue e-invoices in the context of public contracts and concession contracts. by

These electronic invoices aim to combat tax evasion by transparently transmitting all invoices to the competent authorities. All relevant invoices must therefore be issued and sent via PEPPOL, a European platform for data exchange with authorities.

The mandatory e-invoice will be introduced gradually, depending on the estimated value of public contracts:

  1. For public contracts put out to tender on or after 1 November 2022 with an estimated value equal to or above the European threshold;
  2. For public contracts put out to tender on or after 1 May 2023 with an estimated value of EUR 30,000 or more (excluding VAT);
  3. On 1 November 2023, all other public contracts will follow, except for contracts below the threshold of EUR 3,000 (excluding VAT), which are, in principle, tax-exempt.

Source: bdo.be

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